Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • Life is easier when you can walk to the dry cleaners and grocery store. I <3 density! #
  • TfL lesson? RT @google: the Google Transit story: trips on the T + Google Maps got our Boston public trans fans going – #
  • Enjoyed another '60s clothes reconnaissance mission with Kajsa. First time on Portabello Road in Notting Hill – Loved it! #
  • RT @viaarchitecture: Why public transit doesn't work in the U.S. (via @planetizen) #
  • RT @TheCityFix: Le Corbusier's Revenge: Brutalism is back and what it reveals about the paradoxes of New Urbanism. #
  • Joined the South Bank Centre to have an office away from home. Perks too with free admission to the gallery & restaurant discounts! #
  • Purchased some gold dancing heels today from Bloch to practice Melissa's energetic Turkish dance choreo! #
  • I love walkable streets. I need to visit Glasgow! #
  • Combining my love for Barbies & Twilight – New Bella & Edward Dolls. I wish I were 8 years old. 🙂 #
  • Enjoying working from the South Bank Centre Members Only Lounge with a great view! Just beautiful! #
  • How do I learn the secret of the belly flutter for belly dance? I need help! Any advice? #
  • Hope the Great Park generates years of photos like these RT @TIME: See 150 years of Central Park in photos | #
  • Team Green Britain has some great ideas for incorporating & enhancing sustainability efforts in your daily lives. #
  • Enjoyed a great hen party for Dina at Taqueria in Notting Hill. I finally had delicious, authentic Mexican food there!!! #
  • Yes! RT @ExpatCoachMegan @ch3rylRT @DreamAct:"We need an immigration policy that lets migrants move freely just like corporations are" #
  • Loved the London Eye! Enjoying touring London with Nicole, her friends & David. #
  • Enjoyed visiting Trinity Buoy Warf with Keitlin, Lily & partners & the view from Greenwich Observatory was amazing! #

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