Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03

  • Starting off the Xmas gluttony detox today with a bowl of nonfat yogurt & berries. Yum! #
  • Very nice! RT @webist: Pick a Corner: Cool & Creative Prefab Home ‘Office Pod’ #
  • RT @nprpolitics: 1 Year Later: Has America Been Remade? #
  • NYE Fireworks at London Eye! RT @LDN: New Years Eve London by @TimeOutLondon #
  • Yes! This video made me LOL for real. Have you seen it? #
  • Back in London, the weather is not so good but I'm warmed up with some delicious veg soup! #
  • Amazing! Full Moon + Blue Moon + Lunar Eclipse…all happening tonight and another decade done! (via @PocketLondonn) #
  • Furry hat, warm scarf, party dress, two pairs of tights, hoody, coat, great company, amazing NYE in Soho & Trafalgar Square! #
  • In 2010 I resolve to seize more opportunities, support friends/fam & be happy! #
  • 2009 will always be a memorable year where I started my life over in a new country… #
  • Blue sky – YES! #
  • Gattaca is a brilliant film: "There Is No Gene For The Human Spirit"…can't wait for Brave New World to be released. #
  • Staying up late and sleeping in…better break this habit fast before Monday! #
  • Gonna make some chicken stew to warm up! #
  • Sherlock Holmes was fabulous…it was amazing to see my 'hood in a different time period. Yay Baker Street! #
  • I'm not ashamed to be reading (looking at photos) of the 'Robert Pattinson Unauthorized Biography' (thanks for the xmas present honey!) #

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