My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-14

  • Made an awesome Turk-Mex chili con carne with chick peas, carots, tomatos on brown basmati rice. Yum! #
  • RT @CNN: Is the Internet too slow? See what Google’s policy analyst says that may affect you. #
  • Not a big fan of cold weather although snow falling is pretty to look at from the inside. #
  • I feel like tomorrow should be Friday! Ready for some good sleep…zzz #
  • Watched a show about infinity…thought about parallel universes…made my brain hurt so off to sleep! 🙂 #
  • RT @UCIAA: Lost bobcat is found strolling around UCI's Verano Place today:;; #
  • I need to complain more! RT @RealAge: 3 surprising things that age you (and that are within YOUR control!): #
  • Awesome! RT @webist: WebEcoist: Plastic, Fantastic: Hand-Built Ecological Bottle House #
  • Me 2! RT @pauperprincess: V. excited to meet for afternoon tea! Deciding btwn Wallace and Harrod's. Pulling out a super girly frock to wear. #
  • RT @RaviValleti: Thanks Vancouver, for showing much love and respect to Canada's First Nations (Native/Indigenous/Aboriginal Canadians) :~) #
  • I wanna see it too! (sorry @pauperprincess) RT @lovethewang: Watching Valentines Day with my Valentine <3 hehehe, go jennifer gardner! #
  • Great reuse ideas! RT @webist: WebEcoist: Super, Man! How to: Recycle 100s of British Phone Booths #
  • The whales were my fav part of the winter olympics opening ceremony! #
  • Happy Valentines Day & happy Chinese New Year!!! #
  • I <3 Londons diversity too! RT @marcmapes: Sitting in Starbucks and listening to at least 5 languages being spoken around me. I love London. #
  • Good work US! RT @CNN: Obama picks special envoy to world Muslim group. #
  • Luge = insanity! But loving watching it. #
  • Cool! RT @LDN: A fab photo history of the mobile phone #

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