Berwick St James

Berwick St James is a fabulous village in Wiltshire, UK.  I’ve enjoyed participating on a committee to gather insights about the community’s views and values.

Berwick St James Reports – Aug 2012

Below is the main Berwick St James Survey report in final form.  Appendix A deals with the survey of the young people in the village and Appendix B lists all the ideas and comments under the appropriate headings given by the residents of Berwick.

The whole document has taken a long time to prepare (at no cost to the village), and the committee has done its best to ensure that the information in the text and compiled graphs is as accurate as possible.   The findings have proved to be interesting and in many cases, revealing, and with 82% of the village responding, we believe the report accurately reflects the concerns, wishes and ideas of the village as a whole.

According to the analysis undertaken so far, any inconsistencies and discrepancies there may be in the document are small and will not significantly alter any of the key messages appearing in the report.

A presentation on the findings of the Survey will be given to the village on Monday 3rd September in The Reading Room at 7 o’clock.  Christian Lange, the chairman of the survey committee will be writing separately to give you more details about the presentation, why we are having it, how we intend to run it and what we hope to achieve through it.

Please note that, in order to reduce the personal costs to the committee, the report will be distributed in paper format only to those homes for which we have no email addresses.  So if you have received these documents via email, we would be grateful if you print off your own hard copies and bring them to the presentation.

We hope you find the whole report interesting and informative, and look forward to seeing you at the presentation.

Neil MacDougall

Chairman Berwick Parish Meetings





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