My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • Ears still ringing from a weekend of car racing. Now off to bed! #
  • I'm tired & it's only Monday! At least I ended the day with some homemade tacos…yum! #
  • It was good to see some of my old boyfriends George, Brad, and Matt in my hometown Vegas on Oceans 11. 🙂 #
  • RT @CNN: RT @jackcafferty: Women better educated, earn more than their husbands? #
  • Great tips –> RT @RealAge: Work these little bits of activity into your day for exercise you'll hardly notice: #
  • Who is on this? I am but not good at it yet…RT @GWaveInfo: Google Wave is now available for everyone! #
  • Sweet –>RT @London2012: The mascots are here! Watch their film: #
  • Sick of this headache I've had all week…glad tomorrow is Friday. #
  • Great ambience! (@ kaslik) #
  • ->RT @RealAge: If scare tactics don't motivate you to wear sunscreen, here are other reasons why you should slather up: #
  • The sun, the sun! YES! #
  • Looking forward to hanging with UK Pi Phis and friends at the Swan at the Globe tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested in joining us! #
  • I'm the proudest big sister in the world! Congrats to my intelligent and beautiful sisters, Nicole & Semrin – soon to be Uni/HS grads! xoxo #
  • There is a fire in the building between mine & Selfridges. Smoke billowing out of the window! #
  • It is so hot! It's like Vegas weather in London! Doing a Thames River cruise for fun! #
  • Love it here! Great American style service & delish burgers, fries, fixings (@ guerilla burger james street) #

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