My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

  • True Blood was soooo good! So, what is Sookie? I'm reading the books and I haven't gotten to that part yet. 🙂 #
  • Please vote for my friend Octavia's blog that is a finalist for a best blog award out of 32,000 submissions! #
  • I'm helping my dad Keith Aleckson's Birthday Wish raise money for charity. Will you help? #
  • A nice article about how joining a sorority makes you more likely to graduate college – it helped me to be a Pi Phi! #
  • Dancing is hard work…but worth it! Excited for the show on Thurs! 🙂 #
  • Great article for women –> Women and the Uneasy Embrace of Power (via @mjsorority and @HarvardBiz) #
  • Interesting article –>The Creative Review Olympic Torch article: (via @DavidGodber) #
  • Social Sustainability From a Transit Perspective (@viaarchitecture) #
  • Chucking down with rain right now. – August in London! Glad I'm not outside! #
  • "Prop 8 unconstitutionally burdens the exercise of the fundamental right to marry…"-Walker. So proud of Cali! #
  • Check out the Arabesque Nights teaser video featuring @DunyaDance – special close-up of Rosy! #
  • Searching for Central London flats – need to move mid-Sept…leads are much appreciated! #
  • "Youuuuu know this boogie is for reaaalllllllll … Just dance!" -JK #
  • RT @cnnbrk: Elena Kagan sworn in as Supreme Court justice. #
  • WOW! City-sized ice island breaks off Greenland. (via @cnnbrk) #
  • Really enjoyed the nachitos, topless burger, sweet potato fries & banoffee sunday last week! (@guerillaburgers: #burgermeup time!) #
  • For my fellow bellydancers – are you on this website? It's great! Please connect with me (Belly_Dance_By_Deniz). #

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