My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • @marcmapes I have a work event on Wed night & plan to pop by after if it doesn't run too late. #
  • Beautiful pic! RT @Ale_Schrader: Fun cooking LIVE for @billybush @lisarinna on @LiveAccess #AccessHollywood #MasterChef #
  • What a great #TrueBlood cliff hanger! Can't wait to see next week to find out what happens with Sookie, Eric and Bill. Yay! #
  • Anyone heading to #Vintage at the Southbank on Sunday? We just bought tix to see Adam Ant!!! #
  • Thanks to my friend Kelly for sharing this fun 'americanisms' article…enjoy! #
  • @marcmapes So sorry I couldn't make it tonight. Worked late and missed your event. Wish you and fam weren't moving away! Be sure to KIT! 🙂 #
  • Another good rehearsal with Arabian Dance Theatre…my thighs are killing me. Must continue conditioning! #
  • @semsational91 what's the movie called? #
  • Who is up for going to #Vintage at Southbank on Sunday? #
  • @pauperprincess You free to go to Vintage at Southbank on Sunday? #
  • Enjoyed the beautiful day in London today! Too bad it was while we were on the flat hunt. It's way too hard to find a decent place here. #
  • Excited for #Vintage2011 at the South Bank today! Looking forward to the experience and to see Adam Ant perform! #
  • @pauperprincess grooving in the 70s lounge at #vintage2011 #

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