My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

  • Wow, just saw Adam Ant live after 3 other failed attempts to see him with David. He was worth the wait! #
  • Sounds fabulous! RT @Ale_Schrader: I will be doing a presentation at @EPAgov in SF on Sept. 21 "Local food, healthy diet, and the enviro" #
  • Helpful map where riots are in London. #londonriots #
  • Another map of #londonriots incidents: #
  • Just experienced the longest queue in the world getting groceries at M&S at Victoria station. Many of the shops closed early. #londonriots #
  • Thanks to the police out on patrol & to our porter who is working all night to keep an eye out for us in Victoria/Pimlico. #londonriots #
  • @EvilBobby We are fine, thanx for asking! Riots are everywhere but haven't impacted us yet. We are staying inside tonight – so far, so good. #
  • Last night was peaceful in London. Thanks to all of the extra police officers & security guards on patrol last night! #londonriots #
  • @EvilBobby Thanks, David says 'hi' back! #
  • I think there is a misunderstanding of how 'social media' was used during the #londonriots – don't like the idea of restricting Twitter/FB! #
  • Interesting article about rioters passing up books while looting. #londonriots #prayforlondon #
  • Watching "The Kennedy's" & super impressed! What a great drama based on amazing moments in history. #
  • I successfully drove from London to Wiltshire for the first time today! Yay! #
  • Fantastic! RT @NatGeo: Photo of the Day: Herding Family, Turkey #pod #photography #
  • I'm teaching a fun, drop-in belly dance class near Fullham Broadway tube tomorrow, 15th Aug. Details are here: #

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