Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • The snow was pretty until it turned into disgusting sludge that I had to walk through precariously-can't count how many times I almost fell! #
  • Quiet day in the office. Nice to have some "work block" time & it's finally warm! #
  • Happy Xmas Eve!!! #
  • Happy Holidays! Check out my company's e-card: (from the Design Council) 🙂 #
  • Just drove by a truck laying salt/grit on the motorway. Hope it just stays foggy & doesn't snow… #
  • Embracing gluttony on Xmas day: turkey, trimmings & Xmas pudding. Yum! #
  • Watching East Enders for the first time-major Xmas drama! #
  • Trying to wake up & get ready for boxing day! I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! #
  • Enjoying a delightful trifle on boxing day! #
  • Been eating too much good food. Incorporating some movement into today! #
  • Today is my beautiful mommy's birthday. Thanks for being my inspiration & my best friend. Love you! #
  • How did we survive pre 3G? 🙂 RT @EvilBobby: First time I have had 3G since thursday! Whew! in reply to EvilBobby #
  • RT @LDN: Take note – flights from the UK to the US now have additional security measures #
  • Insightful! 🙂 RT @robcorddry: RT @JeanGreasy: Fact: A pigs orgasm last 30 minutes. Downside, they're pigs. #
  • Very interesting! Might be "green" but not healthy! RT @webist: Garbage City: An Unbelievable Real-Life Urban Wasteland #
  • My 'hood! #

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