My Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • My first cold of the summer…I spoke to soon about feeling so healthy! At least it's not the mumps this time! Here's to some helping meds. #
  • battling a cold and my meds aren't working! need to get better quickly! #
  • Very cool graphic of FB econ —>RT @nesta_uk: Great data graphic RT @brainpicker The Facebook economy #
  • Haven't moved much from the couch today. Need some steam to help my sinus troubles! Anyone have ideas for other home-made remedies? #
  • HOL – gooooooaaaaaaal! 🙂 #
  • My best day of work at the Design Council-these kids came up with outstanding ideas for sustainable water useage! #
  • Yay! RT @guerillaburgers: Linking up to @foursquare as soon as they get onto verifying us. Free stuff when you check in & treat for mayor. #
  • I might be an addict… RT @TIME: We think it's time you confronted your facebook addiction | #
  • Seriously! RT @pauperprincess: Tubes + hot summer day = hell. So glad I can walk to work #
  • TGIF! Can't wait to see #EclipseMovie … again … 🙂 #
  • Great! RT @InnovationProto: col: "Gen Y Will Not Grow Out of Social Networking" #
  • Looking forward to working on a fun choreo today…preparing for our next show at Arabesque Nights 5th of Aug! #
  • Wow it's warm outside! Popped out to have a late lunch at Massis on James Street. The sky is so blue – gorgeous! #

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